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T-Shirt Quilts

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt? Now what do you do with them? Have them made into a quilt! Instead of piling them on the floor in your closet or cramming them into dresser drawers, let a professional, experienced quilter turn them into a keepsake quilt that will keep your special memories with you for the rest of your life. All you provide is the clean, uncut T-shirts and I do the rest.  

T-shirt quilts are a perfect way to preserve those memories from school sports and activities, travel, sororities, marathons or other special interests.  T-shirts quilts make great graduation, birthday and Christmas gifts.

Your T-shirts will be stabilized and then pieced using the highest quality 100% cotton fabric.  Then I machine quilt it on my longarm quilting machine with a dense design that will preserve your quilt for a lifetime. Please click on the photos for a close-up view of the quilting.

Sashed T-Shirt Quilt


The T-shirts will be cut into 15" squares and finish out at 14 1/2". Other sizes are available upon request.  You may choose the color for your sashing, border and backing or have me choose the color I think will work best with your T-shirts.  If you would like to use two colors, I can add an accent color of your choice like the grey cornerstones in the above photo.  The quilting can be done in your choice of a meander or a swirl design. The Sashed T-Shirt Quilt is priced at $18 per T-shirt square.

Any additional piecing to combine T-shirts into one square or to make a t-shirt large enough will cost $10 per square. Please refer to the pricing page for details regarding the number of T-shirts needed for the quilt size you desire.

Framed T-Shirt Quilt

I also offer the Framed Quilt pictured on the right for $22 per T-shirt square. This quilt has a narrow frame of one color around each T-Shirt square and then a different background color. It has been described by some of my customers as a more "grown-up" T-shirt quilt.

Again, for details regarding the number of T-shirts needed for various quilt sizes, please click the pricing link.

Team and School Quilts

Have a favorite professional or college team? Just send me a T-shirt from your school or team of choice to use in the center of the quilt and I will use the team colors to complement it. If there are licensed fabrics available for your team, we can make arrangements for you to purchase it to use in your quilt. The standard size for the quilt is 68 by 84 which will fit a twin or double bed and the cost is $350. A lap size is 56 by 72 and is $225. Other sizes are available upon request.


Crown Royal Quilts and Pillows

My latest specialty quilt is made from Crown Royal bags. You provide the Crown Royal bags and I will incorporate them into a quilt for you in the size you desire. The one pictured below is 72 by 84 (double bed size), requiring 50 Crown Royal bags and the price is $400. If you do not have enough bags, feel free to contact me and I will locate more for you. I also make 20" by 20" Crown Royal pillows. The pillows are $40 each. If you are interested, please take a look at my Crown Royal Quilts website.

Other Services

I am happy to make memory quilts, baby quilts, signature quilts or other quilts to your specifications. I also offer machine quilting services and specialize in quality overall quilting.