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  1. My WHQG Quilt Show Quilts

    The West Houston Quilter's Guild quilt show was held in early March and as mentioned in a previous post, I entered four quilts. My purple and black challenge quilt that I pictured in a previous post did not win a ribbon, but it came in third when the guild members voted on their favorites. It's always good when your quilting peers like your work. Another quilt that I entered, the Prismatic Star, …Read More

  2. My Favorite T-Shirt Quilt So Far

    I don't take very many pictures of my customer's t-shirt quilts, but I think I have made my prettiest one so far. The t-shirts in this quilt belonged to a man who is now deceased and his sister-in-law generously had the quilt made for his wife. Both ladies came to order the quilt and we spent quite some time picking out the perfect fabric. I think the fabric complements the colors in the t-shirts…Read More

  3. Las Colchas Quilt Shop

    I think my favorite quilt shop in San Antonio is Las Colchas, not only for its atmosphere, but also for the friendliness of the staff and the wide selection of fabrics. The shop is located near downtown San Antonio, so it's not a far drive if you're staying at the Riverwalk. It is in a 1920's Sears-Roebuck Kit house. Who knew there was such a thing? And there's not a better place to have a quilt s…Read More

  4. Mesquite Bean Fabrics

    Another quilt shop that my friend Linda and I visited in San Antonio was Mesquite Bean Fabrics. Funny name for a quilt shop, huh? As they explained to us, it is because of the many mesquite trees in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding areas. And the tree produces beans. I'm not sure what that has to do with quilts, but it is a different name and therefore it's memorable. The shop opened about a…Read More

  5. Memories by the Yard Quilt Shop

    As mentioned last week, I just got back from a trip to San Antonio where my friend Linda and I visited five different quilt shops. All of them were nice, but three stand out in my mind, so I thought I would review the memorable ones. The last one we visited was Memories by the Yard. The first thing I said when we walked in was "we might be here a while". Located in the northwest part of San Antoni…Read More

  6. Quilting and Sightseeing in San Antonio

    I took a trip to San Antonio this past weekend with one of my quilting friends, Linda Minton. She actually lives in San Antonio, but we rented a hotel room on the famous Riverwalk so we could both have a little get-away. We visited five quilt shops, some of which I'll be writing about in another blog. We both bought fabric, which if you're a quilter, pretty much goes without saying. We also walked…Read More

  7. Winner of the Quilt Drawing

    It has been a very busy week and I'm a little late with this post, but I wanted to share a photo of the quilt drawing winner and tell you a little bit about her. Jaimee is a fellow Texan and seemed very proud of the care label that I put on my quilts because it says "Made in Texas". But she is also a wonderful daughter. She told me that her mom is getting ready to undergo chemotherapy and she was…Read More

  8. Quilt Show Time

    It's almost time for the West Houston Quilter's Guild Quilt Show, so come on out and see our quilts. I've entered four this year as well as donating a quilt for the silent auction. We will also have vendors, so plan to make a day of it. Paula Barnes of Red Crinoline Quilts is our featured quilter this year and some of her quilts will be on display, perhaps even some that I have quilted for her. T…Read More

  9. Time to Order Graduation Quilts

    Well, February is going to be over in a week or so and then March will roar in. Or whimper in. It's hard to say with the strange weather we've been having. At any rate, it's time to get those t-shirts together and have a quilt made for your graduate. My turnaround time is normally four to six weeks, but when Spring hits, it can be as long as eight weeks. So it's best to plan ahead and get your t-…Read More

  10. WHQG Challenge Quilt

    Every other year, my quilt guild, West Houston Quilter's Guild, has a quilt show. I have entered a quilt or quilts every year except one since I've been in the guild. I discovered that it's more fun to have a quilt in the show, so I now make a big effort to find time to make one to enter. Well, I got overly zealous this year and I'm entering four! Our guild always does a challenge and I have neve…Read More

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I started making quilts as a child and have been quilting for others for over twenty years. Quilts that I have quilted have been featured in several quilting books and magazines.