1. The Christmas Elves Are Done for the Year

    Wow....I haven't written a blog in nearly a month. But I do have a good excuse. My fellow elf (my husband) and I have been working overtime trying to get all the Christmas t-shirt quilts done in time for gift giving. A couple more people have to come by to pick up quilts, but other than that, this elf is taking a break. I'll be making some chocolate pies and preparing for my kids and grandkids to …Read More

  2. Why It’s Important to Plan Ahead for Your T-Shirt Quilt

    As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the Katy T-Shirt Quilts work force consists of my husband and me.  We like to give personal attention to every order and there are only so many hours that the two of us can work.  We work long hours around Christmas and graduations in May and June, but we still are unable to fulfill everyone's request at those times of the year.  It is really disappointing…Read More

  3. Thankful for Loyal Customers

    As Thanksgiving approaches, I am feeling thankful for many things.  The grandkids are right at the top of the list, of course.  And I'm very thankful for my husband and children as well as my mother, my siblings and the rest of my extended family.  And I can't imagine life without my friends, especially my quilting friends, many of whom have become like family.  But I would be remiss if I didn…Read More