1. August Quilt Retreat

    Quilters never get tired of making quilts, even in the heat of August.  My friends and I had another retreat at Quilter's Cabin the first week of August and I got to work on another wedding gift quilt. I still have to add the borders, but you can see the partially finished project on the left. Jody was the "winner" with the most quilts pieced and Barb made good progress on her Prismatic Star quil…Read More

  2. What Happens at Quilt Retreat

    Every time I tell someone who is not a quilter that I am going on a quilt retreat, he or she asks, "What exactly does one do at a quilt retreat?"  I think they think it couldn't be more boring, but for quilters, it couldn't be more fun.  I'm sharing a few pictures from the retreat I just got back from with my Sew Bee It group that has been meeting for 14 years.  You can see that we have a lot o…Read More

  3. Quilt Retreat

    I'm often asked if I ever get tired of sewing and the answer is a resounding NO!  When I mentioned to a male friend that I was going on a quilt retreat, he said sarcastically, "Oh, that sounds like fun."  I told him that it was a lot more fun than he envisioned.  Besides being able to sew in pajamas if we want to, we have a whole day of sewing with no interruptions other than to eat or refill o…Read More