My customers sometimes bring inspiration and new ideas. I had never thought to “frame” baby clothes squares like my Framed T-Shirt Quilts, but a customer came to me asking me to do just that. By “frames”, I mean that I put a narrow one-inch border around each square before adding the sashing that separates the squares. And I would have never thought of putting black fabric with baby clothes, but my customer once again had a great idea. She brought the sashing and cornerstone fabric and then we used some of my black fabric for the frames. I think the quilt turned out really well and the black frames make the baby clothes really stand out, so now I will start offering framed baby clothes quilts along with my other options. I’m really thankful for customers who help me think a little differently.

If you’ve saved your children’s onesies and baby clothes and can’t bear to get rid of them, contact Katy T-Shirt Quilts so that we can make a keepsake quilt for you.