I recently posted a blog about my young granddaughter and the quilt that she made. My last post was about my mother and her teaching me to quilt. I had the privilege this past weekend to teach three more little quilters. I traveled with my sister, along with her daughter and three granddaughters, to visit our other sister who has become quite addicted to quilting. She had a couple of sewing machines on her dining room table and my three great-nieces (ages twelve, seven, and six) decided they wanted to learn to sew. We let them play around with a few scraps and saw that they were really into it, so off we went to the fabric store to pick up some pre-cut 5″ squares (also known as charm packs) so they could each piece a quilt. The oldest two knew exactly what they wanted and picked their fabrics rather quickly. The youngest one was pretty cute as we searched for the perfect owl fabric. When we got back to my sister’s house, my sisters and I immediately sat down with the young sisters to sew. I was really amazed at how the sewing held their attention. We made good progress Saturday night and I was going to sleep a little late, but woke up to the sound of a little voice saying, “Aunt Sharon, would you come sew with me?” Of course, I couldn’t say no to that, so I jumped right up and helped her. By Sunday afternoon, all three girls had finished piecing their quilts. They sent them home with me so that I could quilt them on my longarm quilting machine. I showed them my quilting pattern choices and each girl picked her own pattern and told me the color she wanted for her quilt backing. I’ll be finishing them up to take when I go see them at Easter. Of course, I have to share pictures.  I’ll add more pictures in my next post.