necktie-quilt-aba10020I’m often asked if I make quilts from neckties. I’ll have to admit it is not my favorite thing to do and I absolutely don’t have the time to make one of those fancy Dresden Plate necktie quilts. For non-quilters, that is a quilt that has the ties making a big circle. It’s a really neat quilt, but the time and effort involved would make it out of most people’s price range. But I do offer another option. The neckties are what you want to see anyway, so I cut a piece off the end of the tie and then sew it onto a square of fabric. I can use fabric from dress shirts that you provide or I can choose fabrics from my stash that are similar to fabrics in dress shirts. Pictured is a quilt that I made for a customer who wanted a small quilt, but I can make a bigger one with longer pieces of the ties on rectangles rather than squares. So if you’ve been saving neckties from a loved one who is deceased and don’t have a small fortune to spend on having a quilt made, contact me about making a more affordable one for you.