IMG_20160426_225258476In an earlier post, I talked about a quilt retreat with my quilt bee at Quilter’s Cabin and posted pictures of the six of us at work piecing quilts.  When I’m not piecing T-shirt quilts, I like to piece quilts for myself or just for the sheer pleasureIMG_20160428_110446738 of using a new fabric or pattern.  My friends always tease me about how many quilt tops I piece at retreat, but sometimes that is the only time I can find to work on “regular” quilts.  Once I get them quilted, I often offer them for sale just because I don’t have room to keep them all and I get the most enjoyment out of the journey of making them.  Here are a couple that I pieced at my last retreat.   I can’t wait till my next retreat in August!  In the meantime, I’m happy to quilt and piece T-shirt quilts, memory quilts and baby clothes quilts for customers.