Many of you have probably seen pictures of quilts made from men’s neckties. A lot of them are made into a variation of a Giant Dahlia quilt with the ties forming the Dahlia in the center of the quilt. These are very pretty, but are also very labor intense and therefore are generally made as a labor of love rather than by a quilt-making business. Most people would not be able to pay for the number of hours it would take to have a quilt like the Giant Dahlia made. So there are alternatives that are not as labor intense and don’t require as many ties. I recently had a lady with thirteen ties call wanting a Giant Dahlia tie quilt and I told her that was not something I could do. For one thing, it takes way more than thirteen ties to make a big circle. And I was also not able to spend that much time making a quilt for someone else. So she agreed to the style of quilt that I showed her which is just a series of blocks made with squares with ties appliqued onto each square. If the person has shirts they would like me to use for the background squares, I can do that. Otherwise, we choose a fabric that looks similar to a man’s dress shirt color and applique the ties onto them. If the customer prefers, I can use different colored backgrounds in each square. In the case of the one pictured, my customer wanted the same background in each square. I also offer the option of rectangles in lieu of squares if the client prefers. So if you’ve saved ties from a deceased or living loved one, contact Katy T-Shirt Quilts and I’ll be happy to make it into a quilt for you.