I took a trip to San Antonio this past weekend with one of my quilting friends, Linda Minton. She actually lives in San Antonio, but we rented a hotel room on the famous Riverwalk so we could both have a little get-away. We visited five quilt shops, some of which I’ll be writing about in another blog. We both bought fabric, which if you’re a quilter, pretty much goes without saying. We also walked on the Riverwalk and enjoyed people watching and partaking of Mexican food and margaritas. And since I can’t seem to go anywhere without taking something quilty to work on in the room, I took my rotary cutter, ruler, and some quilt blocks and squared them off. And I even got the quilt laid out on the bed and my rows numbered so I can get started piecing it next time I get ready to work on something of my own. In the meantime, I’m back to working on quilting customer quilts and making T-shirt quilts. With graduation looming, it’s a busy time and Father’s Day isn’t far behind. So if you would like a graduation T-shirt quilt or a Father’s Day T-shirt quilt or Crown Royal quilt, now’s the time to get on the schedule. Contact us for more information