Callie's wedding quiltIn a post from earlier this year, I mentioned a special quilt that I had worked on at retreat.  It was a wedding gift for my oldest granddaughter and her fiance.  The wedding is in June and we’re all very happy about it.  But I was able to give the quilt to her at a bridal shower yesterday, so I can finally post a picture of it.  I really enjoy making quilts for wedding gifts and have made oneSharonsBlueStar for all the nieces who have gotten married.  But I especially enjoyed making this one for Callie and Michael since Callie is the first of my grandchildren to get married.  The picture on the right shows the quilt top after I finished piecing it at retreat and the one on the left is my beautiful granddaughter with her quilt.  If you are looking for something unique for a special bride and groom in your life, contact me and I will be happy to discuss making a quilt for you.