Military Uniform Quilt

I was recently asked to make a quilt from military uniforms. This particular quilt happens to be a memory quilt for a deceased Air Force sergeant, but it occurred to me that any retired military man or woman ends up with fatigues and dress uniforms that they don’t know what to do with. Well, how about having a quilt made? In the pictured quilt, the light blue rectangles are from the sergeant’s dress shirt and the rest are from his fatigues. I included patches and name labels in the quilt and then filled in with plain camouflage squares. I used a medium blue fabric for the background and then added a border of navy blue. This quilt is queen sized, but I can make other sizes and styles as well. You can check the Memory Quilt page for pricing. If you or a loved one has a box stored away with his or her military clothing and you would like a quilt made, contact Katy T-Shirt Quilts for more information.