img_4345When customers pick up their quilts, they are often overwhelmed and some of them even cry. But they are usually having the quilts made for someone other than themselves. So it’s always nice to get feedback from the actual quilt recipients. I recently had the privilege of making a couple of t-shirt quilts out of a deceased gentleman’s shirts. His wife was having them made to give to her son and daughter for Christmas. She provided me with a digital picture of the wooded area where they had spread her husband’s ashes and I printed it on fabric and put it in the middle of the quilts. I was very pleased when the daughter posted a photo on my Katy T-Shirt Quilts Facebook page and wrote, “Excuse the teary eyes, my brother and I absolutely love the 2 quilts you made using my father’s T-shirts! Thank you so much and we will treasure them forever!” Needless to say, the pleasure I get from making these keepsakes makes me look forward to heading out to my studio every day. If you would like a treasured memento for yourself or for someone else, contact us and we will be happy to bring a smile (or a tear) to your face.