A few weeks ago, I told you about teaching my three little great nieces to sew and helping them piece quilt tops. I then brought them home with me so I could quilt them on my longarm quilting machine and bind them. I was able to take the quilts to the little girls this weekend and they were thrilled. The first thing each one asked when they saw me was “Did you bring my quilt?” They were so pleased with the final outcome and my mother was able to see their work in person and was quite impressed at what a good job her great-granddaughters did. While we were at my niece’s house, a neighbor came over, so Emery (the six-year-old) brought out her quilt to show. The neighbor said she would like to have a quilt like that for her daughter and Emery immediately piped up and said, “I can make one for you.” Before the conversation was over, Emery had three quilts lined up to make. If that’s not a true quilter, I don’t know who is. The best part was when she came over and gave me a big hug and said, “Aunt Sharon, thank you for learning me to sew!”