If you’ve read many of my blogs, you know that I am passionate about quilting. I just love the process. But there is also a great deal of satisfaction from the pleasure that others derive from my quilts. I got a text from my sister yesterday that was probably the most rewarding I’ve ever gotten in relation to my quilts. My baby sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She was 50, but she’s nine years younger than me and I used to carry her around on my hip, so she’ll always be my baby sister.  It was quite a shock to the rest of the family when she was diagnosed because she’s the youngest and the most physically active. But, as quilters are wont to do in a time of crisis, I went out and purchased some “breast cancer” fabric with encouraging words on it and made a quilt for my sister to take to chemo. Fortunately, she did well and about the time she was done with chemo, one of her neighbors was diagnosed with breast cancer. My sister asked if I minded if she passed the quilt along to her neighbor to use, and of course I told her it was okay.  Nine years passed and I  got this text forwarded to me from my sister yesterday: “Hi Linda, it’s Nancy. I wanted to tell you that I found out the quilt you shared with me is on its way to the 5th woman facing cancer treatment. It’s helped 4 of us beat breast cancer and I have no doubt that #5 will be just as successful as we all were. Thank you for sharing such a precious gift and tell your sister thank you for using the gift God obviously blessed her with for good.” Needless to say, my sister and I were both in tears from reading the text. So that’s why I love making quilts.