dscn0707I just realized I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving weekend. The month of December has gone by in a flash and I can’t believe it’s Christmas night. I have had a very hectic month. In addition to making quite a few t-shirt quilts, I’ve been spending several hours a week doing physical therapy for my back and neck. And there were Christmas parties with two different bees and then two family Christmas events at our house. So it was all I could do to get my work done and prepare for our own Christmas. On top of everything else, I had the bright idea to make mermaid tail blankets for my youngest granddaughter and my sister’s three granddaughters. Fortunately, they were fast and easy to make and they were a big hit with the girls.  We have one more family activity on Tuesday, but the rest of the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is mine to work on my own quilts. Come January 2, I’ll be back making t-shirt quilts for customers. I’ve got quite a few jobs lined up for January and that makes me very happy.