Linda's Stack and WhackWhat does a quilter do when she goes on a trip with her sisters?  She takes them to quilt shops and helps them pick out fabric and teaches them a new quilt technique, at least a new one to them, called Stack and Whack.  My two sisters like to quilt, but don’t have much time to do it as they have regular jobs unlike mine where I can sew t-shirt quilts and other quilts all day long.  The three of us take a weekend trip once a year and this year we stopped at two different quilt shops in San Antonio….Memories by the Yard and Las Colchas.  Both were very nice shops, but eachSharon's Stack and Whack had their own personality as quilt shops do.  The first one was in a shopping center and the second was in an old house in downtown San Antonio.  Of course we bought fabric at both places.  Then we spent quite a bit of time in our motel room cutting fabric even though we were within walking distance of San Antonio’s famous Riverwalk.  We did eventually go to the Riverwalk to have dinner, but then we came right back and worked on our quilts some more.  We’ve decided that next trip we might want to take a sewing machine with us.I personally can never get enough of quilting.  I’ve posted a couple of pictures of our quilts in the making.  Now I’m back to the real world and working on t-shirt quilts, so get those orders in.