After I had just written last week’s post about quilts for causes, I got an email from my quilting friend Amy who had pieced a T-shirt quilt and had me quilt it a few months ago.  It was a donation quilt to be used as a fundraiser for Camp Blessing whichCamp Blessing quilt is a summer camp for children with disabilities and special needs.  Siblings can also attend the camp.  Here’s what Amy wrote:

“I don’t know if you’ll remember, but I made this t-shirt quilt for Camp Blessing to use as a fundraiser at their annual Gala. You quilted it for me, and generously donated the batting.  Today I attended a disability resource fair today and ran into the Camp Blessing founders. They told me the quilt was the single biggest money maker at the Gala! The winning bid was $10,000!!! Wait; it gets even better…the lady who won it, handed them a $10,000 check, gave the quilt back and told them to auction it off again! The second time  it went for $8,000! Our simple t-shirt quilt raised a total of $18,000 for Camp Blessing! My heart is overflowing! I couldn’t wait to tell you.  Thank you again Sharon for your wonderful quilting and for your donation too. These funds will go towards scholarships so other special needs children, like my Erica, can attend camp.”

It is so satisfying when one finds out that a quilt has brought that much money for a good cause.  Amy and I were thrilled beyond words.  Since Amy’s daughter attends the camp, she knows firsthand what a blessing it is for special kids to be able to attend camp.  I would say that Camp Blessing is aptly named.  I only played a small part in the quilt and it certainly blessed me.