Many of the T-shirt quilts that I make do have a theme such as a sorority or college T-shirt quilt, but just as many don’t have a theme.  A person may have T-shirts from elementary school mixed in with baseball, travel or concert T-shirts. That’s the beauty of each T-shirt quilt. It can reflect one, two or many interests of the individual receiving the quilt. Sometimes a mother may be ordering a T-shirt quilt for her child and wanting me to help her decide which T-shirts to use. I tell her to use the ones that will mean the most to her child. I’ve had a few mothers that don’t really like some of their college kids’ T-shirts, but will go ahead and put them in the quilt because they know it’s important to their child. So be thoughtful of the recipient when choosing what T-shirts to put in a quilt. And don’t forget about yourself. Many people send their own T-shirts to me to make a quilt reflecting their own memories. Or mothers will order a quilt for themselves with the leftover T-shirts from their children so they can cherish the memories as well.

IMG_1470 coral quilt Travel T-Shirt Quilt