It’s funny how Christmas sneaks up on us every year.  It crosses our minds in September and October and then all of a sudden, November is half over and we realize just how little time there is left until Christmas.  I get a lot of phone calls up until a week or so before Christmas asking me to squeeze in one more (or sometimes two or three more) T-shirt quilts in time for Christmas gift giving.  As much as Santa’s elves (my husband and I) love what we do, we do have to set a limit on how many T-shirt quilts we can promise for Christmas.  But not to worry, we sell gift certificates.  So if you find yourself in a time crunch looking for a unique and very personal gift and want to give a T-shirt quilt, contact us and we can sell you a gift certificate.  Then the recipient can pick out which T-shirts he wants in his quilt as well as the fabric colors for the quilt.  If you’re looking for a quilt other than a T-shirt quilt, we have several lap-sized quilts for sale in a variety of styles and colors.  Lap quilts are great for using as a couch throw to have handy for snuggling under while watching TV.  And they make great gifts for older people who have everything or might live in a nursing home.  The best thing about giving a quilt for Christmas is that it is a one-of-a-kind gift that you know the recipient will treasure.