As mentioned in previous posts, Hurricane Harvey did a number on us with his torrential rains that flooded our house. We had so much to do and so many decisions to make that I didn’t get to sew a whole lot, but I was finally getting back in the groove when the date arrived for the contractors to start work. I had asked them to do my studio before the house because we needed to be able to work while they work on the inside of our house. So last Sunday, Tommy and I pushed everything to the center of the studio to get it ready for the contractors. On Monday, they came and covered everything with plastic and then had to wait for sheetrock. There was a delay in getting it because so many other people were trying to do the same thing.  So instead of my studio being completed by Wednesday as I had imagined, it is not going to be completed until Monday. I should have been smarter. I should have brought a sewing machine in the house so I could be sewing.  Besides my main sewing machine being covered up, my other sewing machines were moved to a friend’s house to be stored along with all the fabric and other quilty things. I am having terrible quilt withdrawals and can not wait to get back to work. The contractors have assured me that they will work Monday night until the room is finished. Then Tommy and I will have to get everything back in order and get my fabric back from our friend’s house. But my plan is to have everything including all the wall decor back in its place by Tuesday night. Then I will be a sewing fool. So get those t-shirts together and give me a call if you want a t-shirt quilt for a Christmas gift. Or if you need a quilt top quilted, bring it on. I’ll be burning the midnight oil and loving every minute of it.

For some reason, this did not make it to my website, so I’m posting it along with an update. My quilt studio did get finished, not that Monday, but by Tuesday, and then we got the studio back in order by Wednesday night. Tommy and I have been working feverishly since that time to catch up on our work. We are still taking in T-Shirts for Christmas gift quilts, so let us know right away if you would like to get on the list in time to give a special gift of a quilt this Christmas. Next week, I’ll try to post some pictures of my “new” studio.