Something fun happened a few weeks ago when a customer brought t-shirts to me to be made into a quilt. She said she was part of a group of six women who had been friends in high school and had stayed in touch and had reunions ever since. They had matching t-shirts made for some of their reunions and she brought them to have me make a quilt. One of the “Big Six” had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, so the other five wanted to have a quilt made for her. When we were looking through the shirts, I noticed that one of them had the ladies’ names on it and one of them was “Sharon Beth”. I said, “Oh, that’s my name.” I have met several people named Sharon in my lifetime, but none of them had the middle name of “Beth”, so I was pleasantly surprised. Even my namesake niece is “Sharon Elizabeth”.  Then as we continued to talk, the customer mentioned that the “Big Six” grew up in Shreveport, which is where I grew up! My customer was convinced that I was definitely meant to make this special quilt for her friend. I did make it and when she came to pick it up, she brought the other Sharon Beth with her.  Of course, the occasion had to be marked with a picture, so here are the two “Sharon Beths”  with the quilt.