I can certainly understand someone wanting to make their own t-shirt quilt, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.  If you are not experienced with a sewing machine or piecing quilts, I wouldn’t suggest you try it at home.  There are classes you can take and books you can buy that tell you how to make a t-shirt quilt, but it can become overwhelming if you don’t have all the right tools and equipment.  I have had several customers bring me t-shirt quilts that they had started to make with good intentions and then realized they were in over their heads.  Or they had just lost interest in the project.  Often these Bad examplecustomers end up spending more having me correct their issues and complete their quilt than they would have spent if they had come to me in the first place.  I recently had a customer bring me a completed t-shirt quilt top with several problems that she had to pay me to fix.  First of all, she had bought batting that was too small, so she bought more batting from me.  She also made her quilt backing too small and I had to spend an hour of my time re-configuring the fabric she had brought to make the backing big enough to put on my quilting machine.  The biggest issue was that the t-shirts were not consistent in size and each column of her quilt got longer creating yet another problem that I had to deal with.  Her total cost ended up being over $300 for me to complete the quilt.  That is in addition to the money that she wasted on the wrong size batting and the money that she had already spent on fabric and stabilizer.  Had she brought the same number of t-shirts to me, she would have spent about the same amount for a professionally pieced and quilted t-shirt quilt and she would not have had the headache of ironing all the stabilizer on with a regular iron and would not have spent hours piecing a quilt top that still wasn’t right.  Remember at Katy T-Shirt Quilts, our prices include everything but the t-shirts and you are getting a quality t-shirt quilt made by a professional with all the “right stuff”.