What to do with Grandma or Grandpa’s clothing when they die? Losing a family member is difficult no matter what the circumstances and then having to part with a loved one’s clothes and other possessions can be a difficult task. Often I’m asked to make someone’s clothing into memory quilts that can be distributed to the children or grandchildren. I’ve made as many as seven lap quilts out of one person’s shirts and blouses. I have several quilt patterns that I use to make clothing quilts depending on the type of fabric and how much is available for the quilt. I can use T-Shirts and regular shirts in the same quilt since many people have some of both. Each memory quilt is tailored to the taste of the individual customer. I know how important these quilts will be and that they will be treasured by the recipients.

Here’s what one customer wrote after I made three memory quilts for her daughters after they lost their dad:
“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the girls’ quilts! They were beside themselves with emotion when I gave them to them. They are absolutely beautiful and perfect. This was so special for them, and you will never know how much I appreciate the care you took making them and the time you put in. Thank you so very much.”

Wrapping up in a memory quilt while thinking about a lost loved one can be like a warm hug, so think about using that clothing for keepsake quilts for your family.


T-Shirt and Clothing Memory Quilt Sashed Memory Quilt