With Father’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about “man quilts”.  A lot of people assume that men don’t really care to have a t-shirt quilt made, but you would be surprised how many men get excited about quilts. They are always fascinated when they come in my studio and see how the quilting machine works. Of course, many of them tell me how their grandmother used to quilt with a frame that hung down from the ceiling. I made two t-shirt quilts for men who picked them up this past week and one of them even brought more t-shirts for me to make him another quilt. I think this will be number four for him. One of the men was a retired firefighter and the other had collected t-shirts related to a favorite TV show. I’ve also had marathon runners, teachers, musicians or music fans bring t-shirts. Jimmy Buffet t-shirts make great quilts and so do Harley Davidson t-shirts.  And if you’re a fisherman, the Guy Harvey t-shirts make really nice quilts.  Besides the t-shirt quilts for men, I also make Crown Royal quilts. If you’re not familiar with Crown Royal, it is a whiskey that comes in a bag. Most of the bags are purple, but they also have special editions with black, red, gold, green and even brown bags. I have made quite a few Crown Royal quilts for men who have collected the bags. For more information on my Crown Royal quilts, you can click here to go to that website. And if any of the men in your life have collections of t-shirts that they no longer wear, contact me and I’ll be happy to make them into a keepsake quilt.