I don’t take very many pictures of my customer’s t-shirt quilts, but I think I have made my prettiest one so far. The t-shirts in this quilt belonged to a man who is now deceased and his sister-in-law generously had the quilt made for his wife. Both ladies came to order the quilt and we spent quite some time picking out the perfect fabric. I think the fabric complements the colors in the t-shirts very well and I love the t-shirts because they are so pretty. Let’s face it, t-shirts aren’t always pretty, and who would have thought that t-shirts with bears and wolves would be so attractive.  These t-shirts were collected when traveling and the gentleman did a wonderful job picking them. If you’ve been collecting travel t-shirt quilts, consider having them made into a quilt. Then you can enjoy the t-shirts and recollect your trips for years to come. I have no doubt that this quilt will bring back many happy memories for the gentleman’s widow.