When a customer brings T-shirts to us, I meet with him or her and discuss all the details as to number of T-shirts, whether to use the front or back of the shirt or both, and any special requests such as combining motifs into a single block. Once the details are worked out, the customer chooses the fabrics for her quilt. If a customer mails T-shirts, I open the package right away and send the customer an email letting him know that the T-shirts arrived. Then I look at the T-shirts and the Order Form and make sure that I understand exactly what the customer wants before I choose the fabric based on his preferences. Whether the customer brings the T-shirts or they are mailed, we immediately put the T-shirts into a labeled tote along with the appropriate fabric yardage that will be needed for the quilt. If there are any T-shirts that need to be combined into one block, I do that before the tote is closed up to await the next step.
My husband rough cuts the T-shirts slightly bigger than the final square will be. He then uses a press to add a lightweight stabilizer onto the backs of the T-shirts before squaring them off to prepare them for sewing. Then it is my turn to cut the fabric and piece it and the T-shirts into a quilt top. While I am piecing the quilt top, my husband is ironing the borders, backing and binding. Once the quilt top is completed, my husband loads it onto the quilting machine and then I get the quilting started. I quilt a nice swirly design into the quilt which holds the backing, batting and quilt top together. Once the quilt is quilted, we trim the edges and I add the binding which completes the quilt. We take great care throughout the whole process so that you end up with a quality quilt that will withstand the test of time.