dscn0681As mentioned in my last blog post, I ordered a new printer and software at Quilt Market.  It’s called FabricMaker and it uses professional pigment textile ink  which allows the user to print photos on fabric.  This is not a new concept, but it is a much improved system. I have been able to print photos and labels on fabric with my HP printer, but the FabricMaker inks will withstand washing much better than the inks in an inkjet printer. Also, they have a specialty fabric to use that bonds to the inks. My printer was delivered while I was at Quilt Festival and I got the software downloaded and printed my first fabric picture. I was really pleased with the results.  The photo is for a memory quilt. It happens to be a scene, but most of the photos people want on memory quilts are pictures of family members. I’m really excited to offer photo printing on fabric. I can also print clip art and text to be used in your quilt or for an extra square if you don’t have quite enough for your T-Shirt quilt.