Many of my  first-time customers want to know how they should prepare for the appointment to bring their t-shirts or what they should do if they are mailing the t-shirts.  Either way, need to decide whether you want a sashed or framed t-shirt quit.  A framed t-shirt quilt has a one inch border around each t-shirt before the sashing is added and will therefore be bigger than a sashed quilt.  Then you can look at our Pricing Page and figure out how many t-shirts you want to use based on your budget and the size quilt you want.   Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down the t-shirts to a reasonable amount, so you have to choose which shirts are most important to you or the recipient of the quilt.  Many people choose a favorite t-shirt to represent each sport or activity first and then add more t-shirts if needed to reach the desired quilt size.  The t-shirts should be clean, of course, but if they have stains that can’t be removed, don’t waste too much time fretting over that.  It’s the message or logo on the t-shirt that is important.  Some of my customers want me to help choose which t-shirts to use, but you would know better than I which ones are most meaningful.  And you don’t need to cut the t-shirts.  Let us do that for you.  If you are bringing the t-shirts, it helps to have the number narrowed down to what you want and you can bring a couple of extras if you are afraid some of the shirts won’t be usable or if you do need help deciding which is preferable for a t-shirt quilt.  It helps if you bring them in a stack with the side you want to use showing.  If you want to use both sides, you can label them or point them out to me as we go through them.  When you are shipping your t-shirts, there is an Order Form with instructions. You can fill it out and submit it online or print it and send it with your t-shirts and your deposit.  If you submit you order form online, be sure to include a piece of paper in your package with your name, address, email and phone number.  Also, fold your t-shirts with the side you want to use on top and pin a note on  any t-shirts that you want to use both sides.  I will contact you when I receive the shirts to let you know your total price with shipping and tax (if you live in Texas).  I will also go over any questions I might have about your shirts and your color choices.  We know that you are entrusting us with valuable memories and we want to make the process as painless as possible.