I’m often asked why I work so much when I am at home.  It’s partly because I love what I do, but also so that I can take time to do fun things with family and and friends and to travel.  I just returned from a fantastic vacation with my husband and our best friends.  We went to Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park and then made IMG_20160515_095425220our way from South Dakota across Wyoming making several stops along the way.  We visited the Devil’s Tower and spent the night in Sheridan before spending two nights in Cody and visiting Yellowstone National Park.  The last two nights were spent in Jackson Hole where we enjoyed the amazing Grand Tetons.  Needless to say, gift shops were in abundance all along the way and I loved every place we visited so much that I bought a t-shirt to commemorate each site.  I ended up with 12 t-shirts so I can make one quilt just from this vacation.  I was admiring my t-shirts and figuring out what other colors I needed to buy so I spread them out in the car seat between my friend and me while we were traveling.  I can’t wait to make this t-shirt quilt.  It’s going to be a great memento and I can relive our trip every day once I get it made and hang it in my studio.  I’ll show you the after picture when I get it made.  If you have a lot of travel t-shirts, consider having them made into a quilt.  It’s a great one of a kind souvenir.