As someone who works in a home studio with just my husband (which is not a bad thing), I enjoy meeting and talking to customers. Some of them have interesting stories and because I do memory quilts, some of them have sad stories. I had an experience this week that made me think that sometimes things are just meant to be. I got a call from a lady yesterday who asked about making a t-shirt quilt. My first question was “Do you want it in time for Christmas?” I’m already booked up with Christmas jobs and wanted to clear that up first thing. Her reply was that she would in a perfect world, but she was realistic and realized it was short notice. Then she told me her story. Her brother’s wife had died unexpectedly just a couple of months ago and she was going through her sister-in-law’s clothing when she found a bag of t-shirts with a list telling the significance of each shirt. Also in the bag was one of my business cards. She said that it was apparent that her sister-in-law was planning to have me make a quilt, so she wanted me to make it for her brother. I immediately responded that I could definitely work her in and get the quilt done in time for Christmas. I know it will be a sad Christmas for the widower, but maybe the quilt will bring him some comfort in his time of grief. This is why I love what I do.