To make a T-shirt quilt, one needs to have a number of squares that is divisible by three, four or five. The sizes I make are nine, twelve, sixteen, twenty, printed-blocktwenty-five or thirty T-shirt squares.  If you don’t have those numbers of shirts, the quilt just will not work out right mathematically. Often one can use both sides of a T-shirt, but if you still come up short a square or squares, I can print  squares for you. You might choose to have a saying, name and dates or something else significant in the printed square. The one pictured was made with eight T-shirts and a printed center square with initials on it. I was able to pick a design from the software that I use to enhance the square. So don’t despair if you don’t have the right number of T-shirts for a quilt. I can help you come up with other options. Graduation is coming up in a few months and I make a lot of T-shirt quilts for graduation gifts. Contact us if you would like to get started.