As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the Katy T-Shirt Quilts work force consists of my husband and me.  We like to give personal attention to every order and there are only so many hours that the two of us can work.  We work long hours around Christmas and graduations in May and June, but we still are unable to fulfill everyone’s request at those times of the year.  It is really disappointing to me as well as a potential customer when I have to tell them that we are booked up and can not get their quilt done in time because they came to us too late.  We offer gift certificates as an option, but many people want the quilt in hand at present opening time.  And I’ll admit, there’s nothing more pleasurable than seeing the excitement on someone’s face when they see their t-shirt memories preserved in a quilt.  It does make for a fun Christmas morning.  Many of you may be seeing T-shirt quilts that others have received for Christmas and wishing you had thought of that.  Well, the good news is that there’s always next year.  But do yourself a favor and order your quilt early enough to be assured that it will be completed in time for that special Christmas gift to put under the tree.  I occasionally have customers who bring T-shirts to me in the summer that they are planning to save for Christmas gifts.  And early planning is a great way to spread the cost of Christmas shopping over a greater period of time.  So think ahead if you have a special occasion coming up that could be commemorated with a T-shirt quilt and order it at least a couple of months ahead of time to be sure you have a spot in the queue.  And allow a couple of extra weeks if you are mailing your T-shirts and the quilt will have to be shipped back to you.