School is back in session, and if you have a high school senior in your life you know how important this year will be to them. Senior year is a time of cementing life-long friendships, creating memories, and getting ready for big changes on the horizon. Senior year is something they’ll never forget, and now you can help them keep those treasured memories with our custom t-shirt quilts.

Simply order the quilt in the size that’s right for your grad and their t-shirt collection, then mail your shirts and deposit to us. Gather up t-shirts from camp, school activities, sporting events, concerts, and more. When we receive them, we’ll carefully cut the shirts into quilt blocks and assemble them into a treasured quilt. Our t-shirt quilt maker uses only high-quality fabrics and materials so you end up with a quilt that can be used and loved for a lifetime with the proper care.

Your grad will love having a t-shirt quilt they can take with them wherever they are heading after high school. Whether they are headed off to college, starting their first job, or moving away to chase their dreams, they can take their shirt quilt with them as a reminder of their great times–and your love–wherever they go.

Now is the perfect time to order your custom t-shirt quilt! Our company gets very busy around the holidays and before graduation, so placing an order now ensures you’ll have your quilt in plenty of time to give it as a gift when you are ready. Head over to our website to view the quilt options and pricing then place an order with us today!