IMG_20160720_193758673I’ve really enjoyed buying fabric and making quilts for Camp Hope. Carol Thelen, the founder of Quilts for Camp Hope, spoke at the West Houston Quilter’s Guild last week, so I got to grab a picture of her with a Camp Hope Quilt on the lectern. I also took her another quilt that I finished recently. As mentioned in a prior blog post, Camp Hope is a residential Edited Camp Hope Quiltfacility run by the PTSD Foundation of America to help veterans recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Veterans stay in the home for three to six months to receive help in coping with the after effects of war. Carol’s organization provides quilts for veterans as they “graduate” from the program. For information about Camp Hope, visit their website and to learn how to help with Quilts for Camp Hope, you can go to Carol’s website. If you do not make quilts, you can still donate fabric or money. Also, Camp Hope takes donations of toiletries and food items.