DSCN0274As I mentioned in a previous post, quilters love to make donation quilts to give for worthy causes.  When I’m not working on t-shirt quilts for customers, I’m either making a quilt for myself or for a gift or to donate.  I just finished making a couple more donation quilts.  I made a patriotic one to give to Quilts for Camp Hope for a soldier who is being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I’m enjoying using patriotic fabric to make quilts to help support my friend Carol Thelen’s organization.  We just can’t do enough to thank our veterans who have given so much and I just found out from Carol that Camp Hope isDSCN0276 expanding so there will be a greater need.  I’ve got more patriotic fabric to use in a couple more quilts and I’m looking forward to making them.  I also just finished a donation quilt for West Houston Quilter’s Guild to be given to a nursing home resident at Christmas.  Our guild meetings are the third Wednesday of the month, so I will take it for Show and Tell and then turn it in to our Comfort Bee who take care of making, collecting and distributing our guild’s donation quilts.