What is your turnaround time?

It will take from four to six weeks from the time I receive your T-Shirts and deposit for me to complete your tee shirt quilts. During peak times, such as before Christmas and graduation, it can take a little longer.

What if I want to use the front and back of a T-Shirt?

That can be done. Just pin a note onto the T-Shirt saying you would like to use the front and the back to alert our t-shirt quilt maker. They will count as two T-Shirts since they will make two blocks in the quilt.

I have several shirts with small logos. Can you use them?

Yes, I can. For $10.00 per block extra, I can combine them to make a big quilt block. Again, you will need to pin a note on any T-Shirt that you would like to be handled this way.

Do I get my T-Shirts back?

I only send T-shirts back if you send extra ones that are not used in the quilt. If I cut the T-Shirt, the remainder gets recycled into cleaning cloths.

Do you make two-sided T-Shirt quilts?

No, I do not. Two-sided tshirt quilts are too heavy and bulky and I am not satisfied with the outcome.

Do you ever make an unquilted T-Shirt quilt?

No. The quilting is what holds the layers together and gives the quilt stability so it will last for many years.

How do I order a T-Shirt quilt?

Just click on the Order Form link and fill it out completely. Send your clean, uncut T-Shirts and your $100 deposit to the address shown on the order form. Be sure to include a note with your name, phone number and email with your T-Shirts. When I receive your T-Shirts, I will email you to let you know they have arrived.

I live in the Houston area. Can I just bring my T-Shirts to you rather than shipping them?

Yes. I often meet with clients in my studio. Just call or email me to schedule an appointment.

What is the difference between a Sashed T-Shirt Quilt and a Framed T-Shirt Quilt? 

A Framed T-Shirt Quilt has a narrow border around each T-Shirt before the background color is added. You can refer to the pictures on the Home page to see examples.