As Thanksgiving approaches, I am feeling thankful for many things.  The grandkids are right at the top of the list, of course.  And I’m very thankful for my husband and children as well as my mother, my siblings and the rest of my extended family.  And I can’t imagine life without my friends, especially my quilting friends, many of whom have become like family.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t say how thankful I am for all my loyal quilt customers.  I have been quilting for several of them for nearFall Foliage for Blogly twenty years and they keep bringing their quilt tops to me.  They have helped me grow as a quilter by entrusting me to complete the quilts that they have spent hours piecing.  Since I started myIMG_3047 T-shirt quilt business nearly ten years ago, I have had many repeat customers bringing T-shirts to be made into quilts.  Some of them show up every couple of years as they have another child graduating or reaching another milestone in life.  So much of my business comes from referrals and I really appreciate my customers who help spread the word.  I’m blessed to have a business that I love and I know I would not have that without my faithful customers.  Happy Thanksgiving and may your life be blessed.