dscn0744dscn0747In addition to making T-Shirt quilts, I offer longarm machine quilting services. Every so often, I add a few new patterns to my repertoire of machine quilting patterns. I recently tried out one of my new ones on a quilt of my own and I think it’s going to be my new favorite. It’s called Arabella and is designed and sold by My Creative Stitches. It is quilted on the quilt that is pictured and I’m including  a close-up picture so you can see the design. You can see my available patterns here: Patterns. For more information on longarm quilting, click on Services at the top of my web page and then click on Machine Quilting. At the end of the information on that page is a link to the Pricing and Order Form. I have twenty years of experience quilting for customers and have had my quilting published in several quilt magazines and quilting books, so if you would like to have me quilt yours, I’m happy to do so.