Over fifteen years ago, I heard a motivational speaker say, “You’ve got to find your people.” Her philosophy was that in order to be happy, one needed to surround oneself with people who have the same interests. I knew right away what kind of people I needed to find…..quilters. So I joined a quilt guild and volunteered to become a “beekeeper” and start a quilt bee. I asked one person that I had quilted for in the past and she brought someone else that I had done a quilt or two for. Then three other people signed up and we were in business. The six of us had a meeting at my house to introduce ourselves and discuss what we wanted to do in our bee and named our group “Sew Bee It”.  It was a match made in heaven. We started meeting every week and bringing sewing projects to work on and then started having a retreat once a year. We did some special quilts as a group including wedding quilts for our children as they got married. We bonded through weddings, births, deaths, illnesses and divorces. We bonded so well and had so many private jokes that we decided the bee would remain just the six of us. Several years ago, two of our members moved away, one about two hours away and the other moved to Massachusetts. But we always had our annual retreat and the two who had moved away would come down for it. This year, we decided to celebrate our fifteen year anniversary by flying to Massachusetts to visit our bee member there. We were all nervous that one of us wouldn’t be able to make it for some reason or another. But the stars were aligned and five of us boarded a plane to head to Massachusetts. I’m sharing a picture of “my people” and I’ll share more about our best retreat ever in my next blog.