Because I really felt the need for one more retreat per year (two just aren’t enough), I scheduled a retreat for this week at Quilter’s Cabin and invited ten of my favorite quilters.  There were only six of us including myself who were able to come, but we had a great time. Jody, my best friend of over 40 years, won the imaginary prize for most prolific quilt piecer. She got several put together. She makes a lot of quilts for patients in the hospice facility that took care of her mother. I’m not sure she’s going to give away the one pictured and the rest of us would have taken it if she was willing to part with it. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. And my friend Marian, who is the newest quilter in the group, got the award for most ambitious quilt project. I managed to get several done or mostly done and I’ll share pictures of those in a later post. Right now, I need to head out to my studio to meet with a t-shirt quilt customer. It’s back to the real world!