Another quilt shop that is definitely worth seeing is The Meeting House in Wales, Massachusetts. It is also in an old church and the fabric selection is huge. The shop had the largest selection of traditional quilting fabric that I have ever seen in a quilt shop and they were having an anniversary sale of 30% off.  So it gave me the opportunity to collect all of the fabrics I had been “needing” for a quilt that I have planned.  The staff was nice and friendly and we spent quite a bit of time in that shop. Fabric Stash quilt shop is in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, and we happened upon a nice sale there as well. It was located in an old building that was probably once a textile mill. Coming from Texas where we don’t have all the quaint buildings, we enjoyed the atmosphere in the various shops. Franklin Mill Store in Franklin carries a lot of quilting fabric as well as home decor fabrics and yarns. We also visited Emma’s Quilt Cupboard in Franklin and though it was not in an old building, the store had a good selection of fabric and was warm and inviting. Our bee ended up going to ten different quilt shops throughout the week as well as the New England Quilt Museum which is located in Lowell, Massachusetts. The museum displayed some beautiful quilts and has a nice gift shop. Our bee had a fabulous time and bought a lot of fabric. Two of us had to borrow a suitcase from our hosts to bring our fabric home. Now I’m back in the real world working on graduation t-shirt quilts. But I feel refreshed and revived and ready to get back to work doing what I love….making quilts.