quilts-show-2017-binding-tool-starEvery other year, my quilt guild, West Houston Quilter’s Guild, has a quilt show. I have entered a quilt or quilts every year except one since I’ve been in the guild. I discovered that it’s more fun to have a quilt in the show, so I now make a big effort to find time to make one to enter. Well, I got overly zealous this year and I’m entering four! Our guild always does a challenge and I have never participated in the challenge, but this one was perfect for me. We could use only one color fabric for the main part of our quilt and either black or white for the background. We could use as many different shades of our chosen color as we wanted.  Most of the t-shirt quilts I make use tone-on-tone fabric  which is a fabric that has different shades of a single color and often has a small design in it of the same color. So I have a good supply of a variety of tone-on-tone fabric. I got my challenge quilt done and had made another quilt with the WHQG show in mind and then as I got some of my other quilts finished, I liked them so much that I decided to show them too. The quilt show is March 3-4 at the Berry Center. For more information on the show, you can go to the guild’s website. I’ll probably share pictures of my other entries after the show, but for now, I’m sharing a photo of my challenge quilt.