IMG_3026I remember the first time I even considered selling a quilt and I almost cried at the thought. I knew how much of myself goes into the whole process starting with choosing a pattern and then agonizing over which fabrics to use or choosing fabrics and then searching for the perfect pattern. Then there is the caressing of the fabric on the way home from the quilt shop before getting it into the studio and carefully folding it and often pressing it before the cutting. Once the cutting is done, the really fun part begins. I LOVE piecing quilt blocks and then putting them together and seeing what the finished product will look like. Sometimes I have to hurry and piece one block just to see what it will look like and Scrappy 4 Patch with Red Background Drapedother times I have the patience to do it step by step and wait for the unveiling of the block. Then when I lay the quilt squares out on the bed and arrange them, I can’t wait to get them sewn together and get the borders added. It is a process that I have loved since I was a child. Back then, the next step was hand quilting which could take months. I loved that part of the process too.
But things changed when rotary cutters, cutting mats and rulers became available. Suddenly, I was piecing way too many quilt tops to hand quilt, so I got my first quilting machine. That, of course, led to way too many finished quilts to keep in my house even though I often give quilts as gifts. So I had to learn to part with some of them. I started selling quilts to support my habit so I could buy more fabric.
Now I find that I can part with most of my quilts without shedding any tears. There are a few special ones that I keep, but since I make quilts now for the sheer pleasure of the “journey”, I’m happy to sell them and send them to good homes. So if you know a good home that needs a quilt, contact us.