1. Quilts for a Special Purpose

    I might have mentioned in a previous blog that I had been working on some of my own quilts after the graduation t-shirt quilt rush had passed. Actually, that wasn't quite true. I have a niece who is living in a long-term rehab facility with about a dozen other women. My mother pieced a quilt and I quilted it on my longarm quilting machine and we sent it to her. The other women "oohed and aahed" ov…Read More

  2. Machine Quilting Service

    In addition to making T-Shirt quilts, I offer longarm machine quilting services. Every so often, I add a few new patterns to my repertoire of machine quilting patterns. I recently tried out one of my new ones on a quilt of my own and I think it's going to be my new favorite. It's called Arabella and is designed and sold by My Creative Stitches. It is quilted on the quilt that is pictured and I'm i…Read More

  3. Stretching as a Quilter

    As a long time quilter, I have certain types of quilts that I like to make. Piecing is my favorite thing to do, but paper piecing is a whole new ball of wax for me. I fell so in love with a pattern by Judy Niemeyer called Prismatic Star that I had to make it. The only problem was that it is made using paper piecing and that just seems a little backward to me. But since I loved the quilt so much, I…Read More

  4. Sashed T-Shirt Quilts

    Probably the most popular t-shirt quilt I do is sashed.  Sashing refers to the strips of fabric that are sewn between the t-shirt squares.  The little squares that divide the sashing are called cornerstones. After the sashing, cornerstones and t-shirt squares are all sewn together a border is added.  The term backing is exactly what is says it is. It's the fabric on the back side of the quilt. …Read More

  5. A Few Words About Longarm Quilting Machines

    Many quilt piecers are envious of quilters who are lucky enough to own a longarm quilting machine. I used to be one of those envious piecers myself. I consider myself very fortunate to have a quilting machine and be able to use it for a business that I love. However, there are some days that are not so rosy for the longarm quilter. I experienced two of them this past weekend. Besides knowing how t…Read More

  6. How to Prepare for your Machine Quilter

    Because I offer longarm quilting services in addition tr than your quilt top and should be squared off so that there are no uneven edges. Use only cotton fabric (no sheets) for your backing. Choose your backing fabric with the front thread color in mind since the same thread color will be used for the front and back of your quilt. If you are piecing your backing, please do not create a border on t…Read More

  7. Machine Quilting Service

    Before I started making T-Shirt quilts, I already had a longarm quilting business and I still offer machine quilting service for those who like to piece quilt tops, but do not have time to quilt them by hand.  I started quilting for customers twenty years ago and still enjoy my craft.  Here are a few pointers for those who would like to have a quilt top quilted. Your backing should be 8" to 10" …Read More