1. Quilt for My Brother

    My mother, who taught me to quilt, is still piecing a few quilts at age 88. My brother wanted a new quilt for his bed, so she pieced it and I quilted and bound it for her. We presented it to him on Thanksgiving Day at his home where we always celebrate Thanksgiving. I'm very busy with T-shirt quilts for Christmas, but I wanted to take the time to share this photo.…Read More

  2. A Quilt for Myself…..Finally

    After Hurricane Harvey, we were forced to remodel our house whether it needed it before Harvey or not. Actually, it did need some updating. We had our house repaired and redecorated in record time, but it took a while to get a new quilt made for our master bedroom. I finally got it finished and on the bed. Now it's back to quilting customer quilts and making t-shirt quilts. If you would like one f…Read More

  3. New Longarm Quilting Patterns

    Years ago before my husband started helping me in the quilting studio, he asked, "How many different fabrics can there be?" He knows better than to ask that now, but the same question could be asked about quilting patterns. I have hundreds of them, but I always seem to find more that are a little bit different and that I can't live without. So I recently purchased several new digital patterns to a…Read More

  4. Having Quilting Withdrawals

    As mentioned in previous posts, Hurricane Harvey did a number on us with his torrential rains that flooded our house. We had so much to do and so many decisions to make that I didn't get to sew a whole lot, but I was finally getting back in the groove when the date arrived for the contractors to start work. I had asked them to do my studio before the house because we needed to be able to work whil…Read More

  5. Still Recuperating from Harvey

    I guess this is the beginning of week three since Hurricane Harvey flooded our home. It has all gone by in a fog. Thankfully, our adjuster came and we can now begin closing up the walls and getting things back in order. I'm having two new cabinets built for my studio because my other ones were made of "manufactured wood" and didn't withstand the water. It's really hard to get back in the groove, b…Read More

  6. What is the Difference Between a Blanket and a Quilt?

    Quilters tend to cringe when people use the word "blanket" to describe a quilt. It's not that blanket is a bad word; it's just that quilters put a lot of work into making their quilts and therefore they want to people to call it a quilt. So what is the difference between a blanket and a quilt? A blanket is generally one layer of fabric (often of the fuzzy kind) with a binding around the edge to fi…Read More

  7. Quilting and Sightseeing in San Antonio

    I took a trip to San Antonio this past weekend with one of my quilting friends, Linda Minton. She actually lives in San Antonio, but we rented a hotel room on the famous Riverwalk so we could both have a little get-away. We visited five quilt shops, some of which I'll be writing about in another blog. We both bought fabric, which if you're a quilter, pretty much goes without saying. We also walked…Read More

  8. Machine Quilting Service

    In addition to making T-Shirt quilts, I offer longarm machine quilting services. Every so often, I add a few new patterns to my repertoire of machine quilting patterns. I recently tried out one of my new ones on a quilt of my own and I think it's going to be my new favorite. It's called Arabella and is designed and sold by My Creative Stitches. It is quilted on the quilt that is pictured and I'm i…Read More

  9. A Few Words About Longarm Quilting Machines

    Many quilt piecers are envious of quilters who are lucky enough to own a longarm quilting machine. I used to be one of those envious piecers myself. I consider myself very fortunate to have a quilting machine and be able to use it for a business that I love. However, there are some days that are not so rosy for the longarm quilter. I experienced two of them this past weekend. Besides knowing how t…Read More

  10. How to Prepare for your Machine Quilter

    Because I offer longarm quilting services in addition tr than your quilt top and should be squared off so that there are no uneven edges. Use only cotton fabric (no sheets) for your backing. Choose your backing fabric with the front thread color in mind since the same thread color will be used for the front and back of your quilt. If you are piecing your backing, please do not create a border on t…Read More