1. Memory Pillows

    I make a lot of memory quilts and memory pillows out of deceased family members' clothing. I thought I'd share a photo of the latest pillow I did. I now offer embroidery services for your quilts and the heart design wording can be changed to suit the customer. This particular one says "Mom and Dad" and "Always with You". The clothing was from both parents of the recipient of the pillow.…Read More

  2. Memory Pillows from Clothing

    I recently had the opportunity to make memory pillows from a gentleman's shirts. The customer provided me with a digital photo of the deceased and I added the words to the picture and printed it on fabric. It's a great way to memorialize someone if you don't have enough shirts to make a quilt or if you have a lot of family members who would like a pillow. The price for the pillow is $40 and that i…Read More