1. Time to Order Graduation Quilts

    Well, February is going to be over in a week or so and then March will roar in. Or whimper in. It's hard to say with the strange weather we've been having. At any rate, it's time to get those t-shirts together and have a quilt made for your graduate. My turnaround time is normally four to six weeks, but when Spring hits, it can be as long as eight weeks. So it's best to plan ahead and get your t-s…Read More

  2. When You Need Just One More T-Shirt

    To make a T-shirt quilt, one needs to have a number of squares that is divisible by three, four or five. The sizes I make are nine, twelve, sixteen, twenty, twenty-five or thirty T-shirt squares.  If you don't have those numbers of shirts, the quilt just will not work out right mathematically. Often one can use both sides of a T-shirt, but if you still come up short a square or squares, I can pri…Read More

  3. Thankful for Customer Feedback

    When customers pick up their quilts, they are often overwhelmed and some of them even cry. But they are usually having the quilts made for someone other than themselves. So it's always nice to get feedback from the actual quilt recipients. I recently had the privilege of making a couple of t-shirt quilts out of a deceased gentleman's shirts. His wife was having them made to give to her son and dau…Read More

  4. A Quilter’s Christmas

    I just realized I haven't posted since Thanksgiving weekend. The month of December has gone by in a flash and I can't believe it's Christmas night. I have had a very hectic month. In addition to making quite a few t-shirt quilts, I've been spending several hours a week doing physical therapy for my back and neck. And there were Christmas parties with two different bees and then two family Christma…Read More

  5. Give the Gift of Warmth this Christmas

    It's just a few days till Thanksgiving and then everyone who hasn't already thought about Christmas shopping is going to be rushing around to get it all done in time for the holidays. If you would like to give a one-of-a-kind gift, consider giving a quilt. I still have a couple of slots available to make T-shirt quilts in time for Christmas and I also have some quilts for sale. Or if you don't hav…Read More

  6. Offset T-Shirt Quilt

    A  few weeks ago, a customer came to me with a stack of different colored t-shirts, but they all had the same logo. She was concerned because all the t-shirts were the same,  so I suggested that we offset the t-shirts to add some interest to the quilt. The idea came from a quilt called Dancing 9-Patch by Bonnie Hunter who is a prolific quilter and has a site called Quiltville where she shares qu…Read More

  7. To Market, To Market

    I love this time of year. Not only did we have a beautiful fall day without a cloud in the sky, but I'm in major anticipation mode for the Houston International Quilt Market. Three of my fellow quilting business owners and I rent a room at the Hilton Americas next to the convention center and immerse ourselves in the quilt world. At Market, we get to see the new lines of fabric coming out as well …Read More

  8. Quilt Options When You Don’t Have Enough T-Shirts

    What do you do if you don't have enough t-shirts to make a quilt as big as you would like? I can help you with that. I've made several quilts using alternate blocks in order to get the quilt to the customer's preferred size. Here a just a few of the different T-Shirt Quilts that I have done thinking outside the box.…Read More

  9. Different Styles of T-Shirt Quilts

    Occasionally, a customer will want a t-shirt quilt that's a little different from the sashed and the framed that I normally offer. So I've come up with a couple of other options. One is the Attic Windows t-shirt quilt pictured on the left which is made using a traditional Attic Windows quilt pattern. It gives somewhat of a three dimensional effect as if you are looking out of a window. Another qui…Read More

  10. Framed T-Shirt Quilts

    Last week I talked about sashed t-shirt quilts. This week, I will tell you about my framed t-shirt quilts. Like the sashed t-shirt quilts, a framed t-shirt quilt also has sashing and cornerstones. The difference is the "frame" of fabric that goes around each t-shirt before the sashing is added. Framed t-shirt quilts end up being several inches wider and longer than sashed t-shirt quilts because of…Read More