1. T-Shirt Quilt Designs

    A customer asked me the other day why I don't do quilts with the t-shirts cut all different sizes and laid  out in a random fashion. I have seen some random t-shirt quilts that I liked and some that were way too busy for my taste. However, it is just a matter of personal preference. Having a more traditional background in quilting, I prefer the more organized grid method of t-shirt quilt layouts…Read More

  2. Quilt Shop in Maine

    My niece was getting married in Maine last week, so my siblings and I rented a large house and spent the whole week in Castine, Maine. It was such a beautiful area and there was a lot to see and do. However, as a quilter, I guess I have to admit that it is impossible for me to spend a whole week without a fix. I need to be working on t-shirt quilts, memory quilts or other customer quilts and somet…Read More

  3. When You Need Just One More T-Shirt

    To make a T-shirt quilt, one needs to have a number of squares that is divisible by three, four or five. The sizes I make are nine, twelve, sixteen, twenty, twenty-five or thirty T-shirt squares.  If you don't have those numbers of shirts, the quilt just will not work out right mathematically. Often one can use both sides of a T-shirt, but if you still come up short a square or squares, I can pri…Read More

  4. Thankful for Customer Feedback

    When customers pick up their quilts, they are often overwhelmed and some of them even cry. But they are usually having the quilts made for someone other than themselves. So it's always nice to get feedback from the actual quilt recipients. I recently had the privilege of making a couple of t-shirt quilts out of a deceased gentleman's shirts. His wife was having them made to give to her son and dau…Read More

  5. Photos for Quilts

    As mentioned in my last blog post, I ordered a new printer and software at Quilt Market.  It's called FabricMaker and it uses professional pigment textile ink  which allows the user to print photos on fabric.  This is not a new concept, but it is a much improved system. I have been able to print photos and labels on fabric with my HP printer, but the FabricMaker inks will withstand washing much…Read More

  6. Christmas in August

    Last time I saw my hairdresser, she told me that it was less than 180 days till Christmas. Well, it's been about six weeks and I have another hair appointment tomorrow, so I figured I would see how many days are left now and it's 138. That may seem like a lot and really strange since it is so hot outside, but it's definitely time to start thinking about Christmas if you want a t-shirt quilt or mem…Read More

  7. Why It’s Important to Plan Ahead for Your T-Shirt Quilt

    As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the Katy T-Shirt Quilts work force consists of my husband and me.  We like to give personal attention to every order and there are only so many hours that the two of us can work.  We work long hours around Christmas and graduations in May and June, but we still are unable to fulfill everyone's request at those times of the year.  It is really disappointing…Read More

  8. Memory T-Shirt and Clothing Quilts Have Special Meaning

    What to do with Grandma or Grandpa’s clothing when they die? Losing a family member is difficult no matter what the circumstances and then having to part with a loved one’s clothes and other possessions can be a difficult task. Often I’m asked to make someone’s clothing into memory quilts that can be distributed to the children or grandchildren. I’ve made as many as seven lap quilts out …Read More