1. Happy T-Shirt Quilt Customers

    Happy customers make me happy. It's always nice to receive a thank you note from customers to whom I ship quilts since I don't get to show them their quilts in person. I got the following today: "Dear Sharon,  I just wanted to let you know that I am well pleased with the quilt.  My granddaughter  was too.  She really liked the colors between the rows.  She just turned 13.  We both wanted to …Read More

  2. T-Shirt Quilt Designs

    A customer asked me the other day why I don't do quilts with the t-shirts cut all different sizes and laid  out in a random fashion. I have seen some random t-shirt quilts that I liked and some that were way too busy for my taste. However, it is just a matter of personal preference. Having a more traditional background in quilting, I prefer the more organized grid method of t-shirt quilt layouts…Read More

  3. Remembering Mardi Gras with a T-Shirt Quilt

    You would think that having grown up in Louisiana, though at the opposite end of the state from New Orleans, I would know a little about Mardi Gras. Basically, all I ever knew was that it was a very big celebration held every year in New Orleans and also celebrated in some other cities. And there is always a Mardi Gras celebration in Galveston, which is an hour or so south of me. So I looked up Ma…Read More

  4. It’s a Small World

    Something fun happened a few weeks ago when a customer brought t-shirts to me to be made into a quilt. She said she was part of a group of six women who had been friends in high school and had stayed in touch and had reunions ever since. They had matching t-shirts made for some of their reunions and she brought them to have me make a quilt. One of the "Big Six" had recently been diagnosed with Alz…Read More

  5. Time to Order Graduation Quilts

    Well, February is going to be over in a week or so and then March will roar in. Or whimper in. It's hard to say with the strange weather we've been having. At any rate, it's time to get those t-shirts together and have a quilt made for your graduate. My turnaround time is normally four to six weeks, but when Spring hits, it can be as long as eight weeks. So it's best to plan ahead and get your t-s…Read More

  6. Sashed T-Shirt Quilts

    Probably the most popular t-shirt quilt I do is sashed.  Sashing refers to the strips of fabric that are sewn between the t-shirt squares.  The little squares that divide the sashing are called cornerstones. After the sashing, cornerstones and t-shirt squares are all sewn together a border is added.  The term backing is exactly what is says it is. It's the fabric on the back side of the quilt. …Read More

  7. Order Graduation T-Shirt Quilts Now

    I know that parents of seniors are feeling overwhelmed with all of the end of school activities as well as the prospect of sending their sons and daughters off to college.  It's especially hard when it's the first child to leave the nest.  You can make the transition easier for your senior if you send them off to school or to start a career with a quilt made from the many t-shirts they have accu…Read More

  8. Machine Quilting Service

    Before I started making T-Shirt quilts, I already had a longarm quilting business and I still offer machine quilting service for those who like to piece quilt tops, but do not have time to quilt them by hand.  I started quilting for customers twenty years ago and still enjoy my craft.  Here are a few pointers for those who would like to have a quilt top quilted. Your backing should be 8" to 10" …Read More

  9. Preparing to Bring your T-Shirts to Us

    Many of my  first-time customers want to know how they should prepare for the appointment to bring their t-shirts or what they should do if they are mailing the t-shirts.  Either way, need to decide whether you want a sashed or framed t-shirt quit.  A framed t-shirt quilt has a one inch border around each t-shirt before the sashing is added and will therefore be bigger than a sashed quilt.  Th…Read More

  10. Quilt Retreat

    I'm often asked if I ever get tired of sewing and the answer is a resounding NO!  When I mentioned to a male friend that I was going on a quilt retreat, he said sarcastically, "Oh, that sounds like fun."  I told him that it was a lot more fun than he envisioned.  Besides being able to sew in pajamas if we want to, we have a whole day of sewing with no interruptions other than to eat or refill o…Read More